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About Us

Bath Spa University focuses on the study of creativity, culture and enterprise. It offers a high-quality educational environment where staff take great pride in transforming the lives of students through a university experience that is distinctive, challenging and fulfilling.

Bath Spa University shares the strengths and characteristics of many of the UK’s excellent universities: an understanding of the need to provide the best possible student experience and career preparation; a commitment to develop innovative and effective teaching and learning; and a mission to contribute to world class research in areas of strength.

A place to think

A place to think

However it also a university of unique contrasts, offering a blend of heritage and modernity, tradition and innovation, that students and staff find particularly attractive.  Great care is taken to protect its exceptionally beautiful campuses for future generations, and modern facilities blend sympathetically with buildings of historical significance. A major development of the Newton Park campus, starting in summer 2012 and providing world-class facilities for students, has been designed to be in keeping with the stunning surroundings while meeting stringent standards of environmental performance that reflect the University’s caring ethos.

Bath Spa places great emphasis  on teaching quality, and the University makes a valuable contribution to the knowledge economy within its areas of expertise. Partnerships with employers, businesses and professional bodies are key to the University’s success, and many staff are engaged in professional practice that informs their teaching and research. We aim to develop partnerships with universities across the globe to produce graduates who are ambitious global citizens, ready to make a difference.

The University comprises five Schools of study: Bath School of Art and Design, the School of Music and Performing Arts, the School of Humanities and Cultural Industries, the School of Education and the School of Science, Society and Management. We also have a Graduate School which manages the quality and standard of postgraduate masters and research degree (MPhil and PhD) provision at the University. Some of these courses are taught or studied at the Corsham Court Centre. Further information about each School can be found at

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